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“I Am Not Your Mate, I Have Started Acting While You Are Still In Secondary School” Veteran Actor Pariolodo Calls Out Mr Latin



Veteran actor Pariolodo recently made headlines when he publicly criticized Mr Latin, the president of TAMPAN (Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria). Pariolodo accused Mr Latin of not providing him with the necessary support and assistance when he needed it the most.

In a heartfelt statement, Pariolodo expressed his disappointment and frustration towards Mr Latin, highlighting the stark contrast in their respective acting careers. He reminded Mr Latin that he had been in the industry long before him, having started his acting journey in 1976, while Mr Latin was still in secondary school.

Pariolodo’s grievance stemmed from a perceived lack of help from Mr Latin during a difficult period in his life. He claimed that despite his long-standing contribution to the Nigerian film industry, he had not received the support he expected from someone in a position of influence like Mr Latin.

However, it’s important to note that this incident should be viewed within the context of the entertainment industry, where conflicts and disagreements can sometimes arise between individuals. Pariolodo’s public criticism of Mr Latin may be a result of frustration and a desire to raise awareness about his own circumstances.

It is crucial to acknowledge the significant contributions that Pariolodo has made to the Nigerian film industry throughout his illustrious career. With several decades of experience under his belt, Pariolodo has entertained audiences with his exceptional acting skills and memorable performances.

Beyond his acting prowess, Pariolodo is known for his philanthropic endeavors. He has used his platform and resources to support various charitable causes and help those in need. His generosity and compassion have earned him admiration from both fans and colleagues in the industry.

While the conflict between Pariolodo and Mr Latin has gained attention, it is worth mentioning that the Nigerian entertainment industry is vast and diverse, with many associations and organizations working to support its members. It is not uncommon for disagreements to occur within these groups, but it is essential for individuals to find amicable resolutions and maintain professionalism.

In a surprising turn of events, Pariolodo recently shared a positive update with his fans. He expressed his gratitude to Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who intervened in his life and provided significant support. Pariolodo revealed that the pastor had helped him complete his house and even gifted him a car. This turn of events demonstrates that despite the challenges he faced, Pariolodo has found solace and assistance from unexpected sources.

As fans, it is important to support our favorite actors during both their triumphs and trials. It is unfortunate that Pariolodo and Mr Latin have encountered difficulties in their professional relationship. However, it is crucial to remember that actors, like any other professionals, are human beings who may have personal disagreements or misunderstandings.

It is hoped that Pariolodo and Mr Latin can find a way to reconcile their differences and work towards a more harmonious relationship in the future. Both actors have played significant roles in the Nigerian film industry, and their collective contributions should be celebrated rather than overshadowed by conflicts. Ultimately, the Nigerian entertainment industry thrives when its members support and uplift one another


10 Things To Know About BBNaija All Stars Winner, Ilebaye



Big Brother Naija housemate, Ilebaye Precious Odiniya, has won the All Stars edition of the reality TV show and will be going home with N120,000,000 and other prizes.

Here are 10 things to know about her:

1. Ilebaye was born on May 9, 2001 in Lokoja, Kogi State.

2. She hails from the Igala tribe of Olamaboro local government area of Kogi State.

3. She had her secondary school education at the Federal Government Girls’ College, Kabba.

4. She has a degree in Criminology and Security Studies from Salem University, Lokoja.

5. During her childhood, she starred in popular movie productions like “Papa Ajasco” by Wale Adenuga Productions.

6. Ilebaye is a professional fashion model and entrepreneur.

7. She contested in BBNaija Season 7 “Level Up” but was evicted after three weeks.

8. Ilebaye is the youngest housemate in the BBN All-Stars edition.

9. She is the daughter of Hon. Emmanuel Godson Odiniya and Mrs. Odiniya. Her father is an Abuja-based politician.

10. She is the CEO of O.I. Clothing, an emerging fashion brand in Nigeria.

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“I Will Not Keep Quiet, The Whole World Will Hear This”— Lizzy Anjorin Says As She Called Out Her Husband Over New Wife



Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has called out her husband over marrying a younger wife online.

Lizzy Anjorin revealed that in Yoruba land when a new King emerged, the king was entitled to marry a very small and beautiful wife, she said the same thing applied to anyone who bagged a new chieftaincy title.

She went further saying, she asked her husband to marry another wife who would be taking care of the new chieftaincy title that her husband was honoured with recently.

But the reverse is the case as her husband rejected her offer, while speaking with the audience in the video the said husband arrived at the scene an he questioned her wife Lizzy Anjorin on why he should marry another wife

She Responded: By Saying She thought her husband had finished eating her so she needed someone whose blood was still fresh.

The husband Insist saying she can never finish eating her and her beauty alone is enough for him alone

Fans reacted to the video as many of them asked if Lizzy Anjorin could handle them, she asked back almost the same set of questions if they could handle him too.

See Social Media Reaction Below;

Oluwasanmiife: The Lord will bless you mummy Florida. I have sons!!and every time, am pray g that, I want a woman like you, that will fight in all areas for my son to be who God wants them to be. A woman who will allow my children to make it in life.

Kuze_villa: I’m watching this and I’m smiling like mumu 😂 love is a beautiful thing 😍

Iambatunde60: Chaii lizzyomoAjorin shey te ba pe meji lori baba yi sehy E e ni je’e omo okunrin yi tan, ah e be’e ru olorun Oooo

Real_Realprincessadax: 😂😂😂😂😂I can’t laff ooo. he said he’s doesn’t want to be recorded 😀😀😀😀 he’s running for Awon Omo sana’wole 😀😀

Oreoluwa_akitim: I had a good Laugh 😂 it’s your straight face for me. Who born that iyawo oye sef 😂😂😂 iku pa Iyawo oye yen @lizzyanjorin_original

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BREAKING: Ilebaye Wins BBNaija All Stars Edition



Following a suspense-filled evening, the grand finale of BBNaija All Stars commenced at 7 pm tonight.

Housemates were gradually eliminated from the competition, with Cross, Pere, and Adekunle being the first to exit. This led to an extraordinary situation where the top three remaining contestants were all female, marking a historic milestone within the Big Brother franchise.

The tension continued, and eventually, Ceec was evicted, leaving Mercy and Ilebaye as the final two housemates competing for the price money of N120 Million

In the end, it came down to Mercy and Ilebaye as the top two finalists, with Baye who emerged victorious as the winner of the BBNaija All Stars Edition

More to follow….

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