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EXCLUSIVE: Why Some Women Cry During Intimacy



Intimate moments can be emotionally charged for individuals, and it is not uncommon for some women to experience tears during sèxual encounters. This article aims to explore the reasons why some women may cry during intimacy, acknowledging the diverse range of emotional experiences that can occur. It is important to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect, recognizing that individual experiences may vary greatly

1. Emotional Release:

Intimacy can evoke intense emotions, including feelings of vulnerability, intimacy, and even overwhelming joy. Crying during sèx may serve as a release of pent-up emotions, allowing women to express their emotional state in a cathartic manner. These tears can be a result of a buildup of emotions that find an outlet during intimate moments.

2. Emotional Connection:

For some women, the emotional connection with their partner plays a significant role in their sèxual experiences. According to healthline Feeling deeply connected and loved can evoke a strong emotional response, leading to tears of joy or overwhelming happiness. These tears can be a manifestation of the deep emotional bond shared between partners.

3. Past Trauma or Pain:

In certain instances, crying during intimacy may be linked to past trauma or painful experiences. Sèxual encounters can sometimes trigger unresolved emotions or memories, leading to a release of tears. It is essential to approach these situations with empathy and create a safe and supportive environment for open communication and healing.

4. Hormonal Factors:

Hormonal fluctuations can influence emotional responses, and certain phases of the menstrual cycle or hormonal changes during pregnancy and postpartum can intensify emotions. Hormonal shifts can make women more susceptible to experiencing tears during intimate moments.

5. Mixed Emotions:

Intimate encounters can evoke a complex mix of emotions, ranging from pleasure and excitement to anxiety or sadness. The combination of conflicting emotions can sometimes result in tears as a way of processing these intense feelings

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‘This Is Pure Evil’ – Mary Njoku frown at Those requesting DNA Test From Mohbad’s Wife



Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku, has slammed critics questioning the paternity of the son of late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad.

News Direct reports that Omawunmi, the wife to Mohbad, has come under heavy backlash over the son’s complexion, with some people calling for a DNA test for the child.

In a post via Instagram on Friday, Mary described the call as pure evil and advised that people should not add to the widow’s misery.

The movie star added that if late Mohbad didn’t doubt the child’s paternity, the public should not think otherwise but should focus on getting justice for him.

She wrote: “Asking a mourning widow to submit her son for a DNA test is pure evil. Haba! She just lost a husband, lost a father to her child, lost her helper and protector of 10 years! Let her mourn in peace.

“If you can’t support her don’t add to her misery! Small money don enter for DNA tests. Just because she isn’t rich, if her husband didn’t doubt the paternity, who are we to think otherwise?

“Abeg make una no let the dead pare for una o. Don’t frustrate his family. Let’s focus on getting justice for Mohbad.”

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Lateef Adedimeji, Woli Agba, others feature in ‘The Thorns’



Tope Adebayo Salami, the Director of Femi Adebayo’s ‘Jagun Jagun,’ is set to unveil another blockbuster, titled – The Thorns.

The movie features Lateef Adedimeji as lead actor.

Others in the movie include Omowunmi Dada, Woli Agba, Funke Ogunmola, Jumoke Odetola, Femi Branch, Peju Ogunmola, Shola Kosoko, Olawunmi Oluwapelumi, Ademola Amoo, Damilola Oni, and Omobolanle Adigun.

In the movie, Adedimeji as Pelumi, resolves never to love again because of the crisis he encountered with his two past marriages, until he meets the hilarious fake Prophet Egbojuayosoke, Woli Agba Ayo Ajewole, who prophesies that love is about to smile on him again

The romantic dramedy is produced by Beatrice Funke Ogunmola (BFO).

Ogunmola, known and referred to as BFO, is a Nigerian-American living in Texas, United State of America.

BFO is the producer of Love Castle, a film that won several awards from Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Abuja International Film Festival, and West African Film Festival

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Hard to stay sane, clean in music industry – Korede Bello



Singer Korede Bello has said it’s difficult to stay sane and clean in the entertainment industry.

He made this known in a post via his X handle #koredebello on Thursday.

He wrote on how challenging it is to stay mentally sound and sober in the entertainment industry.

According to him: “People don’t understand how hard it is to stay sane in a seemingly crazy industry. It’s even harder when you choose to stay clean.

“ So if you want to help an artiste stay alive, contribute to their mental health, support them while they’re still here with whatever you have, even if all you have are your kind words.

“You may not love their art, but you can choose to love the soul of the artist in the human being.”

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