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“If You Want To Meet Wealthy Men, Go To House Parties In Banana Island, Ikoyi” – Toke Makinwa Advises Ladies



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Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has shared tips on how women can attract high-profile men during the festive season.

Speaking on her show, Toke Moments, she advised ladies to focus on attending house parties in upscale areas like Banana Island, Ikoyi, and others.

The media personality emphasized the importance of budgeting for enjoyment, stating that high-profile men prefer house parties over clubs.

She recommended avoiding the chaos of clubs and highlighted the confusion in distinguishing genuine big spenders.

To connect with affluent individuals, Toke Makinwa suggested attending house parties in exclusive locations such as Banana Island, Glover, Ikoyi South West, and mentioned that Victoria Island (VI) and possibly Lekki Phase I could be managed, but discouraged exploring areas beyond Lekki Phase I.

She said, ‘’How to hook a high-profile man. They will be telling you things like ‘’dress the part’, ‘Go to the gym’ which they are quite right but the first thing I am going to tell you ladies is you have to have budget for enjoyment first because you see these high profile men, they don’t go to the slums or all these places.

“Some of them don’t even like to go out. They like to go to house parties. So you have to know people who know people. Bizzle, if you know him. Bizzle is a connect. He knows how to connect people.

“Go to a lot of parties this Christmas. Forget the clubs, it’s too hurt, too noisy and the club is now confusing, everybody is acting like a big boy, You don’t know the ones that are truly big boys. You see ten guys on a table, you don’t know who is paying the bills. They are all wearing Balenciaga and all kinds of designer tops.

“Go to house parties. That’s where it is going down. In places like Banana Island, Glover, Ikoyi South West, You can manage VI, maybe Lekki I. Everything after Lekki 1, don’t bother”

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