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5 places to avoid if you’re single on Valentine’s Day



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For the single pringles, Valentine’s Day can just be like every other day or a day you feel bad because of all the lovey dovey things lovers do.

Valentine’s Day is one day that is all about love, even though some people say all kinds of love is celebrated on this day, we all know lovers take up a large part of it.

For people who are in relationships, Valentine’s Day is one they look forward to, plan for and even do countdowns.

If you are trying to avoid seeing all these on Valentine’s Day, here are five places you should definitely avoid;


1. Beach

Don’t go to the beach if you are single on Valentine’s Day. It is going to be a wrong idea because all you will see are couples having fun and if you are really really ‘unlucky’, you might even witness a romantic and cheesy marriage proposal.


2. Luxurious restaurants

Another place to avoid if you are single on Valentine’s Day is those luxurious restaurants. Couples book them for their romantic dates on Valentine’s Day. It is also a hot spot for marriage proposals.

So unless you want to suddenly find yourself in a position where you are among a crowd screaming”say yes, say yes”while a guy is on his knees proposing, or you take a selfie and see a kissing couple in the background, then by all means, avoid these restaurants on Valentine’s Day.


3. Travel spots

Valentine’s Day is not actually the best time of the year to be at travel spots if you are single. You do not only get higher prices, you are bound to encounter couples in every single spot you look.


4. Love-themed church programmes

Some churches organise Valentine’s Day programmes for ‘singles’ and ‘married’ on February 14.

It is best to avoid these if you are actually single, because, trust me, apart from a few that might preach about agape love, a whole lot more will be about love between couples and couples wearing to-match outfits in every corner.


5. Social media

If you are single on Valentine’s Day, please try as much as possible to avoid social media unless you absolutely have to go there.

Treat your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all others as a warzone to avoid on February 14. This is very important because even if you manage to avoid the above four places, they post everything they did there on social media for you to see.

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