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Madonna University girls graduate as virgins – Founder



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The founder of Madonna University, Fr. Emmanuel Edeh, has said the institution’s female students graduate as virgins.

He said people abroad looking for virgins to marry should extend their searchlight in the direction of Madonna University.

Edeh said this during a speech on the university’s rules on Wednesday.

He said: “It is only in this university that is clearly maintained that girls who have entered the university as virgins graduate as virgins. You can enter our university as virgin and graduate as virgin.

“Tell me any other university in the whole world that can maintain this. That is why people from London, America, England, Germany, when you meet them, they will say Father, we want to marry a girl who is a virgin. And they don’t tend to get that until they come to Madonna University. “

He also said all the students of the school live on their campuses as they are not allowed to live off-campus for effective monitoring, adding that the school does not discriminate in its admission procedures

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