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Eid Al Fitr holiday: Govt declare a Week-long break



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Eid Al Fitr is likely to begin on April 10, subject to the sighting of the moon

Federal government employees in the United Arab Emirates will have a one-week holiday for Eid Al Fitr 2024, the Cabinet announced on Sunday.

The holiday will begin on Monday, April 8, and regular working hours will resume on Monday, April 15.

For employees who have a holiday on Saturday and Sunday, this means a nine-day break, counting Saturday, April 6, and Sunday, April 7.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has issued a circular regarding the Eid Al Fitr holiday to all federal entities.

When is Eid Al Fitr 2024?

According to the International Astronomical Center, some countries that marked the beginning of Ramadan on Monday, March 11, expect a crescent sighting on Monday, April 8. However, this sighting might be unclear due to the moon setting before the sun, leading to a conjunction occurring after sunset.

Meanwhile, countries that started Ramadan on Tuesday, March 12, expect a moon crescent sighting on Tuesday, April 9. The International Astronomical Center states that a sighting will be possible on that day. Therefore, the center expects countries to announce Eid Al Fitr on April 10.

In the UAE, the Emirates Astronomical Society also forecasts Eid to begin on April 10. However, the confirmation will be announced by the UAE’s moon-sighting committee soon

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