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2024: Edo‘ll reject godfathers, imposition in guber election – Yesufu



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As this year’s gubernatorial election in Edo State draws closer, Abubakar Yesufu, an ex-spokesman for the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) presidential election campaign, has declared that godfathers will be rejected.

He said the people need a friendly governor with no political godfather.

Chatting with journalists yesterday in Lagos, Yesufu said the people will reject any attempt at imposing any candidate on them.

He said, “The gubernatorial election in Edo State will be people-friendly as it will be determined by the people.

“I will soon commence a tour of the state from Igueben Local Government Area, where I am the Ogieneni of Igueben ( Elephant of the kingdom). The business of government and governance can no longer be left to aristocratic junkers masquerading as “ new saviours.

“With the defeat of Denco, which meant the defeat of his godfather, it is normal that other godfathers will get the same dosage of rejections across the state.

“I want to reassure the despondent masses not to lose hope because help is on the way.

“After the tour, I promise to address a world press conference where my preferred candidate will be made known.”


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