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“Invidious Rants Of A Meddlesome Interloper; Hon Ikenga Ugochinyere Worrisome – Rivers APC



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All Progressives Congress (APC), Rivers State, has said the constant rant of Hon Ugochinyere Ikenga is worrisome. The party caretaker committee, led by Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha, DSSRS, issued a press statement at the party secretariat in Port Harcourt. With the chairman were: Chief Eric Nwibani (Secretary), Hon Darling Amadi (Women Leader), Hon Ikenga Chibuike (Publicity Secretary), and Warisenibo Dan Jumbo (Welfare).

Chief Okocha, who spoke on behalf of the caretaker committee, said, “We have been paying keen attention to the constant rants by one Ugochinyere Ikenga, where he discussed issues not within his jurisdiction. As a non-Rivers man, he lacks the locus standi to discuss Rivers matters. Ugochinyere doesn’t represent any of the 13 federal House of representatives seats from Rivers State. He rather represents the Ideato Federal constituency in Imo state. When and how is he qualified to speak about Rivers?”

Sir Tony further said, “As APC Rivers State, it is expedient to state that Ugochinyere is not fit to discuss our state issues. When Imo state had insecurity issues, Ikenga said and did nothing. There are also indications he is an accomplice to the crimes in Imo. It was so bad the police were instructed not to follow VIPs to Imo except on express approval from the IG, but he saw nothing and did nothing. As a member of PDP in Imo state, how has he helped Imo state? His interest is only to fill his pockets by the government of Rivers who are obviously clueless themselves. I was chief of staff in Rivers State when we were bantering with the federal government, and he knows the assistance the state gave to him through my office.”

He further opined, “We will no longer tolerate his excesses at this point. In his lies, he alleged that the House of Assembly vetoed the governor’s rights and didn’t send him notice of the bills. I make bold to say all the laws vetoed are bills sent to the governor, and he refused to sign. The constitution provides for the assembly to override the governor after 30 days of notice. For him to say the assembly overrides the governor is a blatant lie; we will not accept it. He also claimed the assembly sits in their homes, and that’s an insult and a terrible lie. We all know their sittings are always on both social and traditional media. As for the issue of the assembly being right or wrong, it is a matter to be decided by the courts.”

Regarding the issue of the seat of assembly members who defected to APC being vacant, Sir Okocha said, “Section 40 of the constitution gives the right to freedom; section 68 (G) states that everyone has the right to belong to a political party; section 109, sub-section G, was express as to why, how, and when a political party can be formed. For Ikenga to become a judge for a matter already in court is worrisome. I’m not surprised because he is a kindergarten law marker and doesn’t know that the constitution provides that a quorum be formed and so far more than two-thirds of the assembly have been seated. Who hired him as a lawyer or Amigus (friend) of the state? If he is, he will churn out opinions to help the state. It’s quite obvious he is the hiring of the Governor. He (Ugochinyere) didn’t see the recklessness of the state government where hundreds of millions are spent for jamboree thanksgiving, unlike other governors who think out of the box. Ikenga didn’t see when elderly women were made to dress half-naked; he didn’t see anything wrong with the fact that the government had refused to hold local government elections, but he saw everything wrong with the assembly trying to maintain law and order in the state.”


Regarding the performance of Governor Sim Fubara, Chief Tony Okocha said, “The Governor is visionless and clueless; he should ask his colleagues in Borno, Lagos, and Akwa Ibom how they are making their people happy. Someone should point to one thing the governor has done so far; they always mention paying salaries, and in all sincerity, paying salaries is not an achievement as you have to pay people working for you. His media handlers came ‘too late for breakfast.’ There’s an adage they say in my place, ‘A man who did not participate in the burial of a corpse, when it’s time to exhume, he starts from the head.’ They are not Rivers people and therefore do not know anything about this state. During former Governor Amaechi’s time, in his first hundred days in office, he had projects scattered all over the state, former Governor Wike took the stage & outlined his achievements, they can bring proof and challenge him if it’s a lie.”

The caretaker committee chairman continued, “Mr. President gave 8 points to all conflicting parties and said anyone who fails will face dire consequences. Governor Sim has done just about 6, and half obedience is equal to disobedience; those advising him should as well advise him to follow the directives of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”


Finally, Rivers APC made the following demands:

1. Within 48 hours, Honorable Ikenga Chibuike should apologize to Rivers people for doing hatchet work for a governor and government in coma.

2. He should stay in his lane, knowing Rivers State is not a pariah State.

3. He should take his verbal diarrhea to Imo state if he so wishes, as Rivers state won’t tolerate nonsense.

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