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“Rivers State Under Decrepit Leadership Led By Visionless Fubara – APC CTC Chairman



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The acting chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC ), in Rivers State Chief Tony C Okocha KSC JP DSSRS, says the state is under decrepit leadership. He made this revelation while addressing a world press conference in the Port Harcourt, APC Secretariat. In his words “Gentlemen of the press and fellow party members I’m addressing you as the Chairman of seven (7) man caretaker committee Rivers APC, I am constrained with the Rivers State Government frivolous activities as a sign of visionless leadership, as a party we condemn the style of leadership of the Governor of the state. He was sworn into office on the ground of consolidation and continuity, but has deviated from that direction, let me bring to your notice if you claimed not to be aware currently Akwa-ibom state outside Lagos is the hub of industrialization and tourism and that has contributed hugely to the IGR of the state”.

The APC Caretaker Chairman further said “Recall in the history of Rivers State this is the first time Rivers people have experienced successful transition of government and that shows that there is lay-down plans by the previous administration, to be followed by the present government, but the governor has turned down the developmental plans , he rather has embarked on a jamboree thanksgiving in the 319 wards of the state instead of facing governance, he prefers wasting Rivers tax payers money by funding each of the LGA team one hundred and fifty million naira, to consistently run down the FCT Minister, the immediate past Governor of the state and also use that platform to humiliate Rivers old women by stripping them half naked in the public and gave them placards that they can’t read to protest with. It’s on this premise we demand that as a party the Governor should apologise to Rivers people and retrace from his bad leadership style ”

Sir Okocha further opined “one of the essence of removal of fuel subsidy by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led federal government is to increase the state allocation and Rivers State has been benefitting from that benevolence, instead of the Governor of Rivers State to channel such huge resources to developmental projects, he rather focuses on organizing frivolous thanksgiving to attack his Boss the FCT Minister. Again the Governor is finding it difficult to deliver on good governance to the people because he has refused to work with the legislative arm of the government simply because they are members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and he has also refused to work with his executive cabinet members and that has caused the Governor poor performance in office, also let me remind you that the Governor doesn’t have legitimate right to withhold Local Government Area allocation in Rivers State by starving the local government employees by not paying them as of when due”

In conclusion Sir Tony Okocha said “It will interest you to know that the Governor has bridged the local government law by refusing to conduct local government elections and the Governor also bluntly refused to fully implement the President 8 point peace pack agreement and you know that half obedience is disobedience, rather the Governor is playing to gallery of his advisers the firth columnists. In Okirika the Governor said that the thanksgiving is organic, whereas the support of the thanksgiving team is fully funded from the state treasury, maybe simply because the Governor has been receiving huge amount of allocation from the federal government courtesy of Mr. President, and doing nothing with the resources, since the Governor lacks direction, and says nothing is too much to pay for peace, he should resign as the Governor of Rivers State because he has nothing to be remembered for”.


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