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Mob sets motorbike thieves on fire in Makurdi



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Friday morning, a mob lynched two suspected motorbike thieves and burnt their bodies at Nyon community on the outskirts of Makurdi town.

An eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, said the two young men had at about 2 a.m. boarded the motorbike from the Katsina-Ala Street area of the town to the Nyon community, where they attempted to snatch the motorbike.

“From what the ‘okada’ rider told the youths who burnt the criminals, the two of them were picked from Katsina-Ala street in the High-Level area of Makurdi town to be dropped in Nyon.

“He said on getting to Nyon, they directed him into a street, which he followed. But because it was too late, when he got to a point, the okada man told his passengers to pay him so that he could get back.

“But they insisted they did not have money on them and that they would get the money from the house on getting home.

“While he made to leave without being paid, the young men grabbed him and requested that he give them his motorcycle key.

“As he refused to hand them the keys, they struggled with him to forcefully take possession of the bike key. But they ran out of luck when the Okada rider raised an alarm.

“His outcry attracted the attention of the youths of the communities. They came out in their numbers, gave the suspects a good chase, and caught them.

“They beat them to death, after which their bodies were set ablaze with tyres.”

The witness whined that the incidents of motorcycle snatching had become rampant in Makurdi town. He added that the youths had promised to mete out jungle justice on motorbike thieves caught in the act to serve as a deterrent.



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