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Creating content with my mum makes our bond stronger — Basira Alako



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A social media comedian, Ganiyat Ahmed, popularly known as Basira Alako, has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. She talks to MOTUNRAYO AKINRUN about her journey as a content creator


What can you tell us about your background?

I am from a polygamous family, but I am the only daughter of my mother. Growing up with two brothers and a caring mother was a joyous experience. Our household was filled with laughter, shared moments, and a strong sense of unity. My mother played a pivotal role in shaping my values, emphasising love and cooperation. Living in a polygamous setting taught me the importance of understanding and compromise. These early lessons continue to influence my perspectives, fostering resilience and adaptability. I cherish the unique dynamics of my family, which have contributed significantly to my personal growth and character development.


What educational qualifications do you possess?

My academic journey took me to the Kwara State Polytechnic, where I studied Business Administration at both National Diploma and Higher National Diploma levels.


What do you consider to be the highlights of your career so far?

The pinnacle of my career as a skit maker, content creator and actress has been the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with industry giants—names I once only dreamt of encountering. Sharing creative spaces and projects with these influential figures has been nothing short of surreal. It is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. From conceptualising engaging skits to portraying diverse characters on screen, each experience has added layers to my artistic journey. These collaborations have not only elevated my skills, but also opened doors to new horizons, affirming that dreams can indeed manifest into exhilarating realities in the realm of entertainment.


How do you brainstorm and develop your comedic skits? Are there any specific processes you follow?

My creative inspiration draws from a multitude of sources, yet the heartbeat of my skit making often synchronises with the pulse of our community. The everyday occurrences, nuances and dynamics within our local sphere serve as a rich tapestry for my content creation. Observing the rhythm of life in our community fuels my storytelling, infusing authenticity and reliability into my skits. From societal quirks to shared experiences, these glimpses into our collective existence become the threads woven into the comedic or thought-provoking narratives I bring to life. It is a constant dialogue with the community; a reciprocal exchange that breathes life into my creative endeavours.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of using comedy to connect with your audience, especially through making collaborative content with your mum?

The bond with my mother has transformed into an unbreakable friendship. She is, undeniably, my best friend. Over time, our connection has deepened, creating a profound and enduring link that surpasses any prior strength. Working alongside her has become a source of joy, blending familial ties with professional collaboration. The seamless synergy in our partnership enhances both our personal relationship and our shared endeavors. The shared experiences, laughter, and mutual support have solidified the foundation of our connection.

It is a privilege to not only have a nurturing mother but also a trusted confidante, making our journey together through work and life exceptionally rewarding.


Your recent venture into acting has caught the attention of many fans. How did this opportunity arise, and how has the experience been for you?

The journey has not been easy, but today, gratitude fills my heart, as I reflect on the path I have traversed, and I attribute it all to divine grace. Amidst life’s challenges, my unwavering passion for acting has been a constant source of strength and joy. The desire to showcase more of my talent to my fans propels me forward with determination. Acting is not just a profession, it is a calling I cherish. With gratitude in my heart, I look ahead to opportunities that will allow me to share more stories, connect with my audience, and continue this beautiful journey of self-expression through the art I love.


How has your journey in the entertainment industry shaped your perspective on creativity and success?

Through my experiences, I have discovered the transformative power of creativity—a force that not only enriches life but also propels success. The realisation that the industry serves as a marketplace for one’s creativity has been a pivotal lesson. It is not merely about crafting art, it is also about strategically positioning and presenting it within the dynamic landscape of the industry.

Whether in skit making or acting, recognising the market value of creative endeavours has opened doors to opportunities. It underscores the importance of not only honing one’s artistic skills but also navigating the avenues where innovation meets demand, fostering a harmonious relationship between passion and pragmatism in the pursuit of a fulfilling career.


How do you see your content evolving in the future, considering your expanding repertoire in both comedy and acting?

My love for acting is more than a passion, it is a profound connection to my purpose. In the realm of content creation and acting, I find both solace and exhilaration. Every prayer I utter is a plea for greatness and success in this chosen career, a fervent desire to leave an indelible mark. I firmly believe that this journey is not just about personal success, but about becoming a valuable contributor to the world of content making and acting. With unwavering faith and relentless dedication, I envision a future where my craft resonates deeply, inspires others, and elevates the art form. This aspiration fuels my perseverance, turning each step into a stride toward a destiny of significance.


What challenges have you faced so far as a content creator and actor, and how have you overcome them?

As a content creator, a significant hurdle I grapple with is the restricted shooting space in certain locations. Despite this challenge, I am adept at managing the constraints, finding creative solutions to make the most of the limited areas available. This limitation, while posing a serious obstacle, has prompted me to hone my adaptability and resourcefulness. By embracing this constraint, I have learnt to leverage the available space efficiently, pushing the boundaries of creativity within those confines. In navigating this obstacle, I have discovered new ways to innovate and produce engaging content, despite the inherent challenges presented by limited shooting areas

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