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Nigeria on journey to self-discovery — Shettima



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Vice President Kashim Shettima has told Nigerians that the country cannot take over the world without understanding the right road to the future.

Senator Shettima said this on Monday, March 4, at the inauguration of 2,000 jobs for vibrant and talented youths in Gombe State under the Outsource Nigeria Initiative (OTNI).

He said Nigeria had underestimated its potential that could unlock her future for too long.

The Vice President said, “Today, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a paradox for any country to possess the advantages we have and still rank in the middle or at the bottom of the economic chain.

“This is why we are here to provide a gateway to the world and remind ourselves that we are an epicentre of knowledge, an incubator of innovation, and a nurturer of brilliance. We can’t take over the world if we don’t know the road to the future. And so, we are honoured to join you in this quest.

“For too long, we have overlooked the treasure within our demographic dividends. For too long, we have underestimated our role in the knowledge economy. Far beyond the magnitude of our population and the global utility of our proficiency in English lies a profound characteristic — the Nigerian spirit.

“From the bustling cityscape of Aberdeen to the vibrant landscapes of Melbourne and the financial hubs of Zurich, this Nigerian spirit of excellence thrives. It is, therefore, time to recognise our potential and embrace this unique identity as we set out to explore the markets eager for our unique contributions.

“Today, we are not only presenting to you the Outsource to Nigeria Initiative (OTNI) with the honourable aim of taking over the world. We present to you a lens to see the needs of the world, a bridge to interact with the world, and a vehicle to reach the world from the comfort of your offices and homes in Nigeria.

“Outsourcing, as an economic strategy, is not just about efficiency; it’s a profound recognition of our interconnectedness in the global economy. Outsourcing is also a strategy to counteract brain drain and channel our talents and skills into reconstructing a Nigeria that works.”

Praising his Principal, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, he said: “In President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, we have a leader whose vision transcends the immediate horizon. He is a refined economic strategist who understands the balance between our present circumstances and the trajectory of the global landscape.

“Our routes to the future hinge upon our sensitivity to our realities. The tough decisions we have taken may pose short-term challenges, but rest assured, they are strategic investments to fortify the foundations of our economy.

“As your guarantee, I affirm that the reforms in progress will not only weather the storms but usher in a future where we shall stand grateful for the resilience and foresight displayed in propelling our nation towards economic prosperity.”




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