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Gov Adeleke and ‘no loan’ comment



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If Governor Ademola Adeleke has the chance to read through Nigerians’ reactions to his comment on no loan so far, there is the possibility that he may find comfort in the saying ‘whatever you do, you can’t please the world’.

Perhaps it was for transparency and to show how much his government is committed to taking the state to a desirable level that Adeleke, known by many as the dancing governor, told his people that he hadn’t taken any loan to pursue any programme or project since he came to power.

The governor said it was a decision to ensure he works with available resources to ‘manage huge liabilities inherited’ from the past governments. Rather than applauding him, some social media users started reacting surprisingly.

Owomoyela Oluwatosin reacted, “That you didn’t take a loan for now is not an achievement. You can take it to improve infrastructure in Osun state. Liaise with FG and private companies to revive Oshogbo steel rolling mills…”

Eseigbe Jonathan reacted, “Even states with the best IGR still take loans.”

“Good. But if you wan collect, no collect $10b once ooo,” Noble John advised.

On X, @realqueserasera wrote, “baba just dey dance, no infrastructure, no job creation just cruise. 48 months go soon complete!”

Fredrick Ofeimu wrote, “When the time comes for you to take the loan, the kind of amount u will take will break the Guinness Book of Records. We are watching.”

Discover the World reacted, “Yet no feasible project, wetin you wan use loan do?”


Funshakin_media 100 reacted, “And how is this an achievement? Chai!”

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