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Return home for Christmas, you’re safe, Soludo tells Anambra people



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Anambra State governor, Professor Chukwuma Soludo has urged the people of the state to return home and join their relations in celebrating the Christmas and New Year, assuring them that the state is safe.

Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Christian Aburime, who spoke for the governor, said there are assurances and unyielding commitment to security of lives and property in every part of the state.

He said: “Anambra is no longer a dread zone, but a joyous haven embraced by peace, joy and goodwill this season and beyond.

“As you are making preparations for travels and celebrations, it is possible that you remember those dark days in Anambra State when kidnappers ruled and fear of unknown gunmen shadowed every step, and you panicked. Calm down, because those dark days are gone for good in our state.

“Governor Soludo has drastically reversed the security situation in Anambra State. He raised a shield, establishing the Ministry of Homeland Affairs dedicated to security, re-strategizing with all organs of state security agencies, and empowering vigilant warriors – your own neighbours, trained and ready as Anambra Vigilantes.

“Now, surveillance eyes are everywhere watching, joint security squads are patrolling the streets, and criminal shadows are fading.”

The governor, however, reminded the people that security remained a collective responsibility, urging the various communities to stand guard.

He also called on the traditional rulers, Presidents General of communities and the people to join hands with the government and security agencies in securing the state, adding that doing so would ensure smooth information flows, and intelligence gathering.

He further said: “Thanks to our proactive leadership, streets once choked by touts can breathe freely again. Upper Iweka, Onitsha’s heart, now beats with newfound rhythm, free from the grip of fear. Christmas beckons and joy fills the air.

“As security forces are standing ever vigilant and our roads are gleaming free of potholes, festive cheer will flow unfettered.

“Even the traffic will be dancing to a safer, smoother rhythm. The watchful eyes of Anambra Road Traffic Management Agency, ARTMA, will be guiding the traffic flow, while law enforcers will be standing guard against festive frenzy. Pedestrians can stroll freely, merrymakers can relish carefree celebrations, and Christmas markets can shimmer with delight day and night, untouched by shadows of fear.

“But, should misfortune strike, fear not. Ambulances will be humming reassuringly close by, ready to respond, care and comfort. Our medical heroes will be standing on call, ensuring every heart beats with joy.

“So come home without a doubt. Governor Soludo has put all necessary, detailed measures of security of lives and property in place, hand in hand with our security agencies and our local communities.

“Together, we will celebrate Christmas and New Year bathed in peace, suffused in joy, and glowing in the warmth of homecoming.”

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