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Osun New Primary Health Centres to Enjoy Adequate Power and Water Supply -Dr Akindele



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The Special Adviser on Public Health to the Executive Governor of Osun State, Dr. Akindele Adekunle has affirmed the new primary healthcare centres to be constructed under the administration of Governor Ademola Adeleke will enjoy adequate power supply and accessibility of safe portable water.

The Governor’s Aide disclosed this during an exclusive radio interview he had with Fresh FM in the capital city of Osogbo on Monday.

Dr. Akindele said these are part of what the health sector will benefit from the 100BN infrastructure plan unveiled by the Executive Governor of the State a week ago.

“The performing Governor of Osun State His Excellency Senator Ademola Adeleke is embarking on several infrastructural upgrade in the state to address the diverse infrastructural deficit we have in Osun and part of it is the revamping and revitalization of the health sector his administration is embarking on”

“As I speak with you today, there will be total renovation of primary healthcare centres in each of the 332 wards in the state and the level of renovation to be done will ensure, there will be 24hrs service delivery in those health centres.”

“To ensure the effectiveness of this, all the primary healthcare centres to be renovated will enjoy 24hrs power supply from the provision of alternative power sources coupled with safe environment for the personnel and adequate water supply,” Dr Akindele stated on air.

He said the deteriorating and dilapidating stage the government met the health sector when it came onboard demands some of this reform the Governor is embarking on.

“Let me also state the reform of the health sector will not be limited to the primary healthcare centres even though they’re the closest and accessible health facility to the people of the grassroots but, same gesture will be extended to the comprehensive healthcare centres, secondary and tertiary health facilities in the state in other phases of the project” he said.

The immediate past Chairman of PDP in Osun furthermore commended the State Governor for enrolling the retirees in the state into the Osun Health Insurance Scheme, a feat he described as unprecedented in the state while equally advocating for the people of the informal sectors and artisans in the state to take advantage of the Osun Health Insurance Scheme for their own benefits.

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